Welcome to Mambo CMS Support

Whether you need help with installing and using Mambo or are looking to extend your knowledge about developing with Mambo, our large and active community means help is never very far away.

On this page you will find details of the free support offered by the Mambo community. Mambo’s growing services area also offers professional support from both the team and external providers so you never need to go it alone.


Mambo’s user manual contains hundreds of articles written by the community. Not sure where to start? Have a browse through the Mambo Manual.
For tips, hints, and explanations of the Mambo functions, go to our Mambo knowledgebase. The knowledgebase is available in the following languages:

    • English
    • Español
    • Nederlands
    • Bahasa indonesia
    • italiano

The official Mambo forums provide a great place to ask for help or to give help.

Help for Developers

Documentation for developers is often the weak link in information with any content management system. Mambo developers are addressing this need by writing documents specifically for the coders amongst us.

Check out our growing developer documentation area of the Mambo Manual.

Mambo Developer is our center for all things related to coding for and with Mambo. If you are a 3rd party developer or you wish to customise Mambo for your own use, then the Mambo Developer web site is the place for you to find helpful resources.

The Mambo Developer Network forums provide a place for questions, discussion and suggestions.

Translation Partners

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Mambo’s official translation partners offer support in their languages. If English is not your first language you may find support in your language from the following:

      • MamboLearn.com : Persian

    نماینده رسمی مامبو

    • Supportomambo.it : Italiano
    • Mambohub.com : Thai
    • mambo-es.net : Español


  • “I’m really impressed with the help here.”— Mr A.
  • “A big thumbs up! I didn’t expect to find comprehensive documentation but I got everything I needed without having to ask questions on the forums!” — T.Z.
  • “Oh wow! Free, open source AND fast support! What I couldn’t find in the docs was there in the forums. I got what I needed in 15 minutes and I just can’t say thank you enough.”— Donald Smythe